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Acoustically Transparent Screens

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Features : The Aeon AcousticPro UHD is an acoustically transparent (AT) Ultra-Hi Def fixed frame projection screen | The AcousticPro UHD acoustically transparent material is designed to complement in-wall speakers while allowing sound to pass through the material with minimal attenuation | Its tight perforated weave design allows a superior AT performance without sacrificing picture quality | Warranty : 2 Years.
₹ 53,813.00 excl tax
Features: The CineWhite® A8K material allows sound to pass through the multi-layer fabric with minimal attenuation | Its bonded black backing eliminates light loss while reducing light reflection | It is ISF Certified for accurate color reproduction in a dark room environment for presenting videophile presentations | Warranty : 2 Years.
₹ 48,475.00 excl tax