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Features : No.31 is nothing less than a pure reference model, sculpted from the flanks of the remarkable No.32, but using a newly developed 12″ (350mm) all carbon fiber driver | Every facet of No.31 has been comprehensively upgraded and refined from its predecessor | No.31 delivers the classic Reference filter used in No.32, the same dual parametric filters, a driver that handles three times the power to deliver a truly thrilling experience | Warranty : 3 years.
₹ 6,35,593.00 excl tax
Features : No.32 enjoys the rarefied position of elevating our Reference range to an even higher orbit | No.32 retains the exquisite beauty of our curvilinear reference cabinets, an updated 15″ (380mm) true carbon fibre driver that boasts 4″ (100mm) of total stroke and our ultra-reliable NextGen 7 Class D 1,000 watt amp outfitted with thin film capacitors, higher gain and superior limiting | Warranty : 3 years.
₹ 9,32,203.00 excl tax
Features : Buy an HT/1003 MKII if you either don’t have the space or don’t require the extra output of our larger models | It’s that simple | More compact, just as beautiful, it delivers identical build quality to its siblings | It’s style makes it an ideal partner in HT/3D REL theatre setups with Serie T/x | Warranty : 3 years.
₹ 76,271.00 excl tax
Features : HT/1205 MKII establishes a new performance standard for affordable home theatre subwoofers | Avoiding electronic gimmickry in favor of properly balanced priorities; cabinets that are right-sized, solidly braced and beautifully finished | A sparkling new amp design that effortlessly delivers 500W into an all-new CarbonGlas™ 12” (300mm) driver | The sexy new black lacquer top plate has a subtle REL logo floating on top, while the expensively wrought black line-grained composite for the cabinet looks the business | Warranty : 3 years.
₹ 1,01,694.00 excl tax
Features : HT/1510 Predator resets expectations for REL’s standard bearer, with a confident, sexy new look that meshes perfectly into the traditional REL family, while delivering significantly increased power and improved, well, just about everything | Predator II delivers upgraded performance across every performance category: 1,000-watt amplifier with PerfectFilter™ inputs, new 15” CarbonGlas™ driver that handles vastly more power, and confident, elegant styling not previously seen in home theatre designs. This encourages use in multi-REL systems, allowing blending with Serie T/x and Serie S | Warranty : 3 years.
₹ 1,90,677.00 excl tax
Features : S/510 takes REL’s compact-medium chassis concept to reference-like levels of performance and does so with style, power and incredible speed. It delivers incredible levels of all ‘round performance | S/510 allows those with less space, or when pairing with high end speakers that are slightly less robust to have a perfect dance partner when the S/812 is simply too much of a great thing | Warranty : 3 years.
₹ 2,28,813.00 excl tax