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Fixed Frame Screens

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Features & Screen Material: CLR® 3 (Ceiling Light Rejecting) material absorbs 90% of overhead lighting | Improves color saturation and black levels under ambient light conditions | 75x contrast improvement over standard matte white screens in ambient light room environments | Black backing eliminates light penetration | Project from a short distance without shadowing the picture | 170° viewing angle (85° L/R) – Allows viewers to spread out while maintaining brightness uniformity | Micro-serriform optical structure filters out ceiling light for superior picture quality | 4K/8K Ultra HD, HDR Ready | Manufacturer Warranty : 2 years
₹ 80,508.00 excl tax
Features: The Aeon CLR® 3 is an EDGE FREE® fixed frame screen that utilizes our CLR® 3 (Ceiling Light Rejecting®) material | Its serriform optical surface lens microstructure negates the washout effect of ambient light especially from overhead sources | This also enables the material to provide contrast levels that are 75 times greater than that of standard matte white projection screens | Warranty : 2 Years.
₹ 80,508.00 excl tax
Features: The CineWhite® A8K material allows sound to pass through the multi-layer fabric with minimal attenuation | Its bonded black backing eliminates light loss while reducing light reflection | It is ISF Certified for accurate color reproduction in a dark room environment for presenting videophile presentations | Warranty : 2 Years.
₹ 48,475.00 excl tax
Features: The Sable Frame series is Elite Screens’ entry level fixed frame screen for today’s entry level Home Cinema 1080P and 4K projectors| Warranty : 2 Years.
₹ 32,627.00 excl tax
Features: Fully adapted to various UST projector | 110% Ultra-wide color gamut | Only 0.7mm Ultra-thin optical film but with 8 layers optical structure | Anti-glare scratch layer | Color plane | Diffusion layer | Columnar lens layer | Speckle suppression layer | Fresnel lens layer | Reflecting layer | Blackebed layer | Support UST Projectors which throw ratio between 0.15-0.27, this screen is not suitable for long focal projectors | Support Projector Installation Method: orthographic projection or ceiling mounted projection | Screen Installation Supported: Wall-mounted or Bracket fixed | Warranty: 1 Year
₹ 1,24,999.00 excl tax ₹ 1,27,118.00 excl tax