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Floor Mounts and Stands

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Features : Available in two beautiful finishes Satin Finish in black or white | Precision laser-cut steel construction and acoustically damped columns ensure quality and performance to complement the loudspeakers | Fitted with adjustable, locking carpet spikes with optional rubber caps for an equally solid stance on wooden or tiled floors to ensure whatever your environment, you get the very best sound performance from your speakers | Designed to fit Q Acoustics 3010i, 3020i, and Q M20 bookshelf speakers | Warranty : 1 year.
₹ 21,101.00 excl tax
Features : Available in two beautiful multi-layered lacquered finishes in high gloss black and white | Made with the revolutionary ‘Gelcore™ Construction’ cabinet system found in the Concept 20 loudspeaker in an aesthetically pleasing and resonance-free floor stand | Three specially designed steel mounting feet replace the rubber feet on the Concept 20 for a perfect fit with the stand | Constructed from a solid MDF upright with armoured glass outriggers for super-stability on both carpets and solid floors with spikes or rubber spike covers | Warranty : 1 year.
₹ 34,661.00 excl tax
Features : The 7000i Speaker Stands are a perfect match for 7000i Speakers | The Speaker base is removed and it attaches directly to the Stand with the cable running internally up the Stand column | The Stand base is made from stylish armoured glass so floor coverings can be seen through it | The Stand comes fitted with spikes or rubber feet for stability and is available in White and Black matching finishes | Warranty : 1 year.
₹ 16,016.00 excl tax
Features: Eight Audio Speaker Spike Sets are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to improve the performance of their speakers. These sets include high-quality spikes that can be installed on the bottom of your speakers, which helps to isolate them from vibrations and other unwanted noise.
₹ 3,388.00 excl tax