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Features: Quad voice coil provides high efficiency, fast rise times and pulse fidelity with double ferrite magnets | Enclosed cabinet made of solid MDF material prevents distortion and vibration | With adjustable level, crossover frequency and phase, the Deep Blue subwoofers can be flexibly adapted to the listening room and existing equipment | For connectivity, RCA input jacks are provided for the left and right channels, as well as a dedicated subwoofer input with loop-through capability | Warranty: 1 Year.
₹ 81,271.00 excl tax
Features: A 2.5-inch voice coil with four-layer winding provides a high and extremely precise aligned excursion | High-quality MDF cabinet and additional bracing minimize disturbing resonances | The iWoofer™ app supports the optimal adjustment of the subwoofer to the room and your own listening preferences | Connection options on the rear panel include RCA jacks for the LFE channel and high-level terminals | Warranty: 1 Year.
₹ 1,51,610.00 excl tax
Features: High-performance chassis with six-way, hand-wound voice coils | Digital diaphragm control with 16,000 samples per second | High-precision automatic calibration with software connection for fine tuning | Powerful amplifiers with 1,250 watts RMS and 3,000 watts impulse power | Warranty: 1 Year.
₹ 4,49,068.00 excl tax
Features: Active 10-, 12- and 15-inch drivers of the three models deliver powerful low frequency sound with the bass reflex port on the bottom or back | Nine DSP presets adjustable via remote control on the 15-inch model (four on Impact X 10 and 12 inches) | With 600 watts of maximum power (1,000 watts on the 15-inch model), the classic Class D amplifier provides enough power for the grand home theater experience | Anti-clipping circuitry to limit amplifier distortion | Warranty: 1 Year.
₹ 81,271.00 excl tax
Features: 180-watt RMS Class D digital amplifier | 6-1/2″ front-firing driver | 8″ down-firing passive radiator | frequency response 38-140 Hz (?3dB) | adjustable 50-200 Hz low-pass crossover | RCA line-level, LFE (low frequency effects), and speaker-level inputs | stereo and speaker-level outputs | 2-position phase control (0? and 180?) | auto on/off | volume control | removable grille | black woodgrain cabinet with glossy black lacquer trim | Warranty: 1 Year.
₹ 50,762.00 excl tax
Features: Housing shape fits flush into standardized drywalls | Closed housing for easiest installation | Triple Vector Design reduces wall vibrations | Paintable front grille for perfect optical room adaptation | Two specially designed 6.5″ long excursion drivers and two passive cones | Total cone area equivalent to a 14″ driver | Frequency range 30Hz-120 Hz (-3 dB) | Warranty: 1 Year.
₹ 98,999.00 excl tax